THE AKASHIC RECORDS




Akasha - is from Sanskrit, meaning sky, space, aether.

The Akashic Records, sometimes called ‘The Book of Life’, is referred to in every spiritual book, including the Bible and Koran.  

The Akashic Field/Akashic Records, is like an infinite Cosmic Internet or Library of Light, storing an imprint of every thought, word, experience of each Soul, through every lifetime, as well as all future probabilities.

**Our individual Records are continually added to and re-written, based on our daily choices, thoughts and emotions.

Through every era, people have accessed the Akashic Field; to name but a few - Nostradamus, Annie Besant and Rudolf Steiner. 

The most famous Akashic Records reader of the 20th century was Edgar Cayce, who regularly visited the Records 1905 to 1945. Whilst in a trance state he ‘read’ for thousands of people on a variety of problems, giving accurate information, and natural remedies for health issues.  

Each of us consistently create our personal records through our choices. And conscious awareness of past events enables us to make better choices in the present, to experience a more fulfilled, happy life.  

 Please note: I will always ask for permission from each client to access their personal Akashic Records. Without permission I will either not receive the desired information, or it will be inaccurate.



The reading was a big surprise. Startlingly accurate personality details, and the information given on past life connections to present life challenges! Both interesting and valuable. Two thirds of the way through my “homework” assignment - feeling much more centered, grounded, and a stronger sense of self, which is wonderful. I can already feel things shifting. Plus I am no longer procrastinating, putting things off until the next day/week. Getting lots more done, which I sense will draw more success to me, more quickly… Thanks again.

 Susan K,                                                                                                                                           Victoria, BC