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        *  Ongoing problems with your business – obstacles, delays?

       *  Is your business just not taking off, despite you doing all the right things?

       *  Feel uncomfortable in your own home, never quite able to relax?

       *  Do your pets act strangely at times in the house? 

        *  Are your children often having disturbed sleep?

        * Do you experience insomnia?


These are a few of the possible reasons for clearing the energy within and around a property.

If you have a business, own or rent a home or considering purchasing one, I can access the records of that property on your behalf, to discover its history.       

Like a human Soul, each property - office, apartment or house, and the land it sits on - has its own energetic record. Every person and event connected to a property leaves an energy imprint. Over time, a property can accumulate quite a bit of negative energy, and attract unwanted influences, all of which have can impact the inhabitants, on every level.                                                               

There is a reason why businesses on certain properties keep changing, and failing, as the energy is too disruptive at that specific spot.

Buildings and land which holds negative vibrations of the past, or open doorways to negative influences can cause you to feel like you are constantly in struggle, disorganized, or physically uncomfortable. 

Some of the things that leave a strong imprint are battles and burials. Or if the land was designated as ‘sacred ground’ you will never feel comfortable there. This can be reassigned for human occupation, during the clearing process. 

The older the building, the more likely it is to hold negative vibrations and influences from the past.

 A Property Energy Clearing will dramatically alter the energy of your home or business. The environment will feel clearer, lighter, much more inviting, allowing you to feel more peaceful and relaxed.  Once negative entities or other influences have been released, the property will have a protective sphere placed around it. 


When I read your email confirmation that old energies had been cleared, I felt a big sense of relief at that moment. I am looking forward to this week and seeing how things have changed.

 The few things I have noticed so far are that the afternoon you were doing the clearing I did feel less density in the house. I felt like I had space to do stuff and motivation to make the house “ours”. Over the weekend I also felt more positive feelings towards the house, like I was able to start loving it as a home.

 (One week later…) I just wanted to let you know that the house feels completely different. Whatever dense energies were in there, are completely done. It’s been replaced by a nice light energy, which I have become aware of this past weekend.

 The whole place feels different. I’m very grateful for your help, thank you.

 Stephanie F, Ottawa - Mar/2014                                                                                                                                                          


Having heard about your services from a friend I decided to take a chance. Glad I did. I  tried  unsucessfully to sell a house for a few years, even though in a superb location, and all modernized. People seemed to like it a lot when viewing it, but for some strange reason no one was buying. Just a few weeks after you sent me the reading and told me the energy had been cleared I put up a SOLD sign!  I wasn't surprised to learn that some rather negative events took place there and the energy remained. Thanks so much for the details, and the clearing!

A Mannings                                                                                                                                        Toronto, Ont - Jan/2014


Have much better feeling of space in the place I live  in now -  and the back room (which I never used) is different somehow - hard to describe but I don’t mind going in there and it feels lighter and again more breathing space!!! A week after you did the energy clearing the cottage definitely felt more ‘neutral,’ as if there was now more air, or space.

Discovering that past events on the property included battles and burial grounds, and negative energies left over from all that, no wonder the place always felt uncomfortable! Thank you…

P Kennedy,                                                                                                                                      Carlisle, Scotland  - Sep/2013       


Well, I am truly amazed! Your investigation into the energetic history of the building and surrounding environs neatly confirmed the reasons behind my discomfort since moving in during 1992. Shortly afterward everything in my life began to shut down, leaving myself with isolation and despair in return - picked up in the reading. My once prolific artistic output also went underground too.

Did you know nearby Hackney Marshes used to be an area where horses roamed freely? This perfectly correlates with the accused man who had been wrongfully hanged for horse theft. I also know from local history where I live used to be predominantly rural until 100 years ago. The fact that Clapton was afflicted by the Plague also confirms why I sense the area feels very troubled, disturbed and vacant compared to nearby Stoke Newington, where I lived for the first three years of my life and felt very comfortable there. Daniel Defoe lived in Stoke Newington: there is a road named after him.

The energetic imprint of violence may also explain why my housemates have mirrored the same "battlefield" qualities for many years. This morning I've noticed they - as a unit - do not appear to be so truculent, however it is still early and I shall have to await the full seven days to be absolutely sure. Nevertheless it does feel more peaceful around the house.

J C London, England, Dec 2014       


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