LIFE READING - SPECIAL


PSYCHIC READING – Just  US $35 ($44 Cdn)


Are you curious about past lives?

Wondering why certain things happened or are happening in your life?

 Want to know more about your unique personal talents?

 This reading will not tell you about your future (which is not set in stone!), but instead, help you to understand who you are, discover more about yourself, and importantly, how situations/relationships from the past continue to impact you.


  • Two important past lives

 Note: You choose which area of life to focus on: love, money, or health


1. Two past lives that continue to have positive influence on your current life, or

2. Two past lives that continue to influence you in a negative way. 


You will receive lots of valuable information, and insights.

Around 2 pages. 

To get started, just click on BOOK A SESSION page and follow the instructions.