ABOUT ME...





I have done extensive travelling, seeing quite a lot of planet Earth.

Holidays in the UK, US, W. Europe, Egypt, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cayman Islands…  Extended periods of time in Malta, Greece, Hawaii, and an ashram in India. This I believe, created a broad perspective on life, having experienced it through so many different cultures.


 I started having ‘intuitive’ experiences quite young. When I was 6, I travelled to an English town not visited before and described it quite accurately (to everyone’s amazement!) shortly before arriving. 

 At the age of 19, not having seen or heard from my older brother in another country, for 7 years, I woke up ‘knowing’ that he was engaged. Within the week, I received a wedding invitation.

 In my 20s and 30s I had numerous ‘flashbacks’ to previous lives, after meeting or spending time with various people. I have met many friends, lovers, family from other incarnations, (many of them also ‘recognizing’ me) and because of this knew without a shadow of a doubt very early on, that past lives are real.  

 My intuitive and healing work began with Tarot reading in a metaphysical bookshop in London, England, then privately, in London and Vancouver, BC.



 I also starting ‘channelling’ information in my 30s, at a very informal ‘channelling party.’ To my surprise, I found myself ‘answering’ and providing what proved to be pertinent information. During this group I just delivered information, which I now believe came through my own Higher Self, who was tapping into the information from higher realms (Akashic Records) and/or the other person’s Spirit Guide.

 A little later, I started channelling a male entity, with a very specific personality, coming through with definite voice change, inflections, humour, etc.  Then other people's Higher Selves or guides would come through as well.

 I find that accessing the Akashic Records blends well with my own channelling abilities.


I also do energy healing,  (one-to-one, or distance) using a combination of methods and consulting the Akashic Records for insights. If interested, please email me for more info.



 I also worked as a free lance journalist for a few years, for both newspaper and magazine – covering mostly health, travel, and interviews of individuals with interesting alternative lifestyles.