SPIRIT GUIDES READINGS

                     SPIRIT GUIDES READING


Discover who your personal Spirit Guides are – those unseen friends and guides who are there to help you, in so many ways.

Our guides can inspire and advise us on work, relationships, health, personal growth, and more.

Some guides you may have shared a past life with. When this happens your bond is particularly strong, and it will be much easier for you to connect with them.

Note:  Deceased relatives from this lifetime are not our guides. Some may want to chat with us, if they are hanging about for some reason after death instead of moving on, but they are not guides. Guides have consciously achieved a higher level of spiritual development, which enables them to assist us on our human journey, and personal growth.

During a Spirit Guides Reading I will communicate with up to 6 guides on your behalf.

You will receive the name, their specific auric colour, a symbol they will use so that you can identify them, description, character, any shared history, their role in your life, and a message for you.  

As I cannot know in advance how many guides you currently have, if there are less than six, I will include information on one or two past lives of importance. 

The Reading & recording takes about 3 hours altogether, and the fee is $90 US ($100 Cdn)

 I will channel the information from each guide for you, a day at a time, to give you time to connect and spend time with each guide, before being introduced to the next one.  (The information will come to you via email.)

 I generally do this early morn, so you will have a new guide to meet at the start of each day, for 6 days. What a wonderful way to start the day!


 Here is some unsolicited feedback, for my very first Spirit Guides Reading.

 As soon as I read about  Jakob, I felt a surge of energy – I think this information will be of much value to me!

(Jakob was the first guide to come through for Helen, one she has a strong bond with, and his focus is healing. I first notified her of just his name and auric colour.)

I have just taken the time to read your information about  Jakob – when finished I was just sitting for a quiet moment and all of a sudden my whole body jerked and I am filled with an amazing amount of energy and optimism. (For the last few hours I had been feeling quite lethargic) Thought you’d be interested.

 Helen J. 


Or feel feel to contact me with any queries..

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