Life Reading One           $70 US ($85 Cdn)

 Complete details of your specific Soul Group/personality, and your personal strengths, weaknesses, challenges. Also what is possible for you to achieve. Plus, details of 2 lives in historical periods/countries that continue to have a positive impact upon you.  Highly accurate…

 Around 4 pages... 

**If you are on a spiritual path, or wish to discover origins of current issues and how to release blocks, scroll down to Life Reading Two...


This was a highly accurate reading. I could certainly relate to the different lifetimes and countries. Definitely felt that there were people who were with me in previous lifetimes whom I could identify in this one. No doubt I will make more connections as time goes by.                        I can also understand how my behaviour this lifetime has been influenced by previous lifetime situations, and understanding this and putting it into context could help me change negative behaviour and thought patterns.

 I would definitely recommend a reading with Joti.

Maggie F                                                                                                                                  Teacher                                                                                                                       

  Madrid, Spain


 Life Reading Two    $100 US ($125 Cdn)

 Life Reading One, plus details of your current blocks/challenges.  

 Instead of entertaining you with details from the past, Life Reading Two provides invaluable information to improve situations in your present life where you feel blocked, or confused.

 I delve into the past- both this life, and past incarnations - to discover where blocks and restrictions originated, often uncovering fascinating, and sometimes very unexpected things!

 The report will include information on your Soul Group, the Energy Centre you spend most of your time in (not the Chakras), Periods of History, and Religions practiced in past lives, that continue to affect you positively, and more...  

 Then I uncover and investigate things that happened in the past which continue to have a negative affect on you, whether blocking your ability to make money, enjoy loving relationships, improve your health, or develop a skill…

 Next I put this all together in 5 or 6 pages, giving you all the information that you need to understand why certain things happen, or keep on happening in your life!

 Then I will do a complete clearing of all the issues that have been blocking you, in any way – emotionally, spiritually, mentally, financially…

 And lastly, I provide a 21-day homework assignment for you – 21 days for new programmes to be fully installed into our body/mind. Important you are involved in the clearing process too.

 After compiling the Reading, you will receive it via email.

 You can also contact me with any questions, after the Reading, no extra charge.

 The readings take 3 to 4 hours in total, including Visiting Akashic Records, compilation, and energy clearing, and creating your 21-day homework.

The fee is just $100 US  or $125 Cdn for all of this....


Note: This can be a general Reading, or you can request a specific focus - health, money, relationships, career, etc.

 I have travelled to the Library (Akashic Records) once to read my Record but wasn’t successful and haven’t been able to repeat the journey.                                                                               The info you provided is very good. I know I’m galactic and now I know I’m Sirian. I also knew about being a monk. And am recognizing things I have heard about over the years.            

Loren S - Cascades, WA, USA 


The blocks and limitations in the reading certainly ring true for me.  The homework really resonates with me – I am sure that this is going to assist with some physical as well as emotional changes.

 (A few days later, after the energy clearing.) Also, this morning when I woke up, I felt really different and still do – something on a cellular level, if that makes sense. As if there is more space between my cells –all through my body – that is the only way I can describe it.

JB - Vancouver, BC


Since completing the 21 day homework and thinking about it all in spare moments, I can definitely say that there has been a difference over the month.

 If 5 is contented, I have for years been fluctuating between 4 and 7, often on the side of 4. Recently, however, I don’t think I have dipped down to the 4 at all, and am probably around 6-8. So, that is a very positive thing for me.

 I am finding that I have more energy than usual so that is likely a result of the work as well.

Thank you.

Helen J, Victoria, BC



What a surprise to discover that my current occupation is connected to one in a previous life in the Middle Ages! I created heraldic designs for the nobility. Great fun… 

The profile of my personality and character traits, strengths and weaknesses was for the most part, spot on. The past life issues that were highlighted, and how they connect to this life, absolutely make sense to me.  And I definitely felt something begin to shift, after the reading and energy clearing. Thanks!

Alastair Chesson                                                                                                          

Graphic Designer                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Victoria, Canada


I have now successfully completed my part of the Soul Clearing.  What an incredible difference twenty one days does make!

I did notice significant internal and external energetic shifts taking place throughout the course of the homework, most notably from the second week onwards. The first week was admittedly slow but I persisted nonetheless.

I've likewise noticed my creation and materialising (manifesting) efforts have improved: there's no "intervention" from negative exernal energies. It's not a case of "one step forward, ten steps back" as before, although I admit it is slowly beginning to unfold. All I can do is take matters step by step.

I would like to ask if the effects of the Energy Transmutation are continuing to unfold in the aftermath of 21 days, and will this take shape as the months pass by? I don't feel it has come to an end - in fact really there is no ending, but I'm sure you are aware of this - but merely the start of a very different pathway in this incarnation. I feel as if I have been given the chance to rewrite my Akashic Lifescript after being at the mercy and influence of all these harmful forces.

 JC - London, UK